5 Best OFF Beat Places To Visit In The Middle East In 2020

The Middle East

Usually seen & imagined a territory only the land of beautiful deserts, Market of spices, and much more. The previous perception of the people all over the world has been drastically changed and still changing towards the Middle Eastern holiday destinations. The Middle East is composed of 14 different countries that differ from each other massively, and also have boundaries.

Countries Which Are Part of The Middle East

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Palestine.

Top Destinations

There is no doubt that the Middle East is one of the hottest travel destinations in 2020. People have been accepting and traveling across The Middle Eastern regions, to explore a whole new travel experience. Also, the regions are becoming more popular and new attractions are opening all over the places. The Middle East has taken the world by storm, by becoming open and welcoming tourists from all over the globe.

  1. Kuwait

Kuwait City

It is a very simple place, having skyscrapers all over. This is a perfect destination if you want to explore the authentic Arab world. If you are a traveler, who also travels to explore authentic cultures, then you would definitely love Kuwait City. Populated by museums, authentic buildings, and pumps of culture.

2. Bahrain


Traveler looking for an awesome unique journey in 2020, Manama in Bahrain is a destination to put in the list. It is a place which shows a perfect balance between tradition & modernity and is home to tourists from the Globe. A very popular and unique yearly attraction is the formula 1 race. This is a reason many race lovers around the globe love to travel to this tourist-friendly city, Bahrain.

3. The United Arab Emirates


Everyone is aware of this popular and amazing travel destination in the world. You are a traveler or not, Dubai seems fascinating for every individual. This place is to travel to heaven for a family outing, love escape, or even a business meeting. Even for the people who have formally visited this place, 2020 will bring all new kinds of surprises, and exciting attractions. Dubai expo 2020 is one of the most awaited events, which is going to be held in Dubai this year.

4. Jordan


Jordan, as a whole, is a loved tourist destination. Petra is one of the most famous archeological sites in the world. Amman is an indescribable place to visit and explore historical sites. Also, it is considered a very modern place to do other things as well. Amman is also considered an easy city to experience Middle Eastern culture. Downtown Amman is popularly known for city life and is a must-visit destination.

5. Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia was less of a tourism place, however, the country is becoming more open & welcoming to tourism worldwide. Riyad is Saudi Arabia's capital and a well recognized financial hub of KSA. It is a place of sophisticated culture, dining, and shopping. It is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, here you would encounter the best museums, world heritage sites, and the finest hotels and restaurants.

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