How Covid 19 Will Change Our Shopping Habits

The history will always remember that how Covid 19 changed everything in this world. This is a harsh truth that things are not same and won’t be. Same goes for the shopping habits of everyone around who is out for shopping or even receiving the package at the door steps.


The new world will prefer and focus on shopping from there homes, and also they don’t want to step out to work.

People Would be shopping more precisely and mindfully, while keeping priorities in mind

There will be a huge number of increase in online shopping, during and post Covid 19 situation.


Consumer Behaviour Has Changed


There is a lot of change which has been recorded in consumers and will continue to be same for long. Just due to Covid 19 pandemic, there will a lot of variation in consumer buying habits, which may affect many retail business. After this pandemic ends, people will still act same and take same measures as they are taking right now.


One of the biggest impact due to Covid 19 is not on retail shopping, but it is on the consumer purchasing power, which has been drastically impacted and consumers are very sound of keeping funds for their priorities rather than leisure


Shopping will be done Carefully and Digitally


What people are buying and spending on has changed dramatically and consumers are looking for products and services which are available locally, digitally, and are cost efficient.

According to a report by Accenture, Fifty-Six percent of consumers are shopping locally and buying more local sourced products. For a middle class consumer, price will be a big decision making point for the procurement of the product. Due to Pandemic many have lost their jobs and many are working on under paid salaries, even business people are suffering so much, so right now people have less of disposable income and everybody wants to keep some money tight and saved.


Now consumer is more concern about the source of the products, rather than their other diameters.

People out for retails shopping are always with sanatizer and a mask on covering their mouth and nose.

A less of social shopping can been seen in the physical stores.



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