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About Etihad Airways/Airlines

Etihad is an airline that is the national airline service for Abu Dhabi. The airline was started in July 2003 by a Royal Amiri Decree that was issued. It is an airline that is owned by the national government and is a profitable and commercial venture. The airline flies to around 110 destinations spread over six continents. The fleet comprises of 120 aircrafts that fly to the different destinations with a staff who are young, dedicated to provide prompt and excellent customer service and to ensure that operations are sustainable and environment friendly.

Etihad forms one of the five business divisions that are owned by the Etihad Aviation Group or EAG. There are several services in the same sector that are run by this Group like Etihad Airport Services, Etihad Airways Engineering, Hala Group and Airline Equity Partners and others. The airline was formed to be best at what it does and the vision is maintained by being innovative and implementing world class technologies and service standards. At the same time, Arabian hospitality is at the heart of their service standards and aim. There are several benchmarks and values that the airline incorporates in their products and service offerings. There are several unique services they provide such as Flying Nannies, Food and Beverage Managers and Inflight Chef Services.

Evolving and new services

The airlines are committed in providing new and innovative services that will not only help customers get more value out of the money they pay, but the airline can also continue operations in a cost effective manner. To that effect Etihad Airways has launched a Deal Fare offer which comprises of hand luggage only travel. Hence, passengers can avail of lower fares if they do not opt to check in baggage. These offers are usually launched for a small period of time. The offers are usually designed based on feedback from passengers as well as travel habits that are perceived by the customers. The company is known to launch different offers which are designed to help enhance product offerings as well as align as to what customers want as per the feedback they provide. Hence, several new and innovative service aspects have been introduced by the airline from time to time such as the option to take a seat with extra legroom or have a seat that is neighbor free. Many travelers want such kind of travel experience and comfort and the airline endeavors to try and give travelers the kind of options they want.

Feature rich Etihad website

The website of the airlines showcases several features and services that are unique of the airline and what customers can avail of. There are limited time offers that are showcased on the website which prompt customers to take action. Besides the unique offers that are showcased on the front page of the website, one can use the convenient booking panel to book for a flight as per their travel requirements. There are options to book multiple flights through the portal as well as book a pickup service or hotel in combination to flights to different places that the airline services.

Subscription member benefits

For those who sign up to be members on the airline website will have several conveniences to avail of. There is a dedicated member section on the front page where one can manage their trips, make web check in with ease, check flight status, upgrade their flight as well as reserve a chauffeur service. With such convenient and luxury amenities it makes sense for anyone who frequently avails of the flight service to join up as a member on the airline website.

Deals and more on Etihad airline website

There are several ways one can benefit by booking directly through Etihad airline website. There is a dedicated section on deals that are integrated travel options. These comprise of popular travel destinations to which the airlines flies and one could either get discounted flight rates for a limited time period as well as get an integrated travel package offer that would include stay and flight rates all inclusive. The deals comprise of flight only offers or integrated holiday deals for popular travel destinations as customers frequently avail of on the popular flight routes of the airlines.

There are lucrative benefits offered for those who sign up to be a special Etihad Guest on the website. They are given a welcome bonus of 500 Etihad Guest Miles that they can add to their account and use it against any booking they make, as compliant with the terms and conditions that apply.

There is a section that showcases what are the new offers on the website or what one could avail of when they fly with Etihad next time. These comprise of innovative service offers such as booking a seat with extra legroom or booking one’s favorite meal for their upcoming travel. One can even explore what to expect in first class or business class travel. There are unique lounge and spa experiences to enjoy when one travels first class. One can explore such services and deals of the same through the website. These are some ways one can find much use of booking their flights or exploring travel options through the Etihad website.

The travel company has come a long way. It assures customers a safe travel experience as the track record of the airlines proves over the decade of flying service they have covered. One can read about the company and its corporate profile; learn about the team and management behind the company’s operations and what goals and missions they work with. The website reflects the dedicated nature of operations the airlines provides and top of the class flying experience it strives to offer its customers. Regular patrons of the flight are awarded air miles and other special bonus features. In such ways the airline assures quality service and innovations that continue to please and surprise their customers, helping them to develop a loyal customer base continuously.