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About Qatar Airlines

This is considered one of the youngest airlines globally that services about six continents. There are several unique offerings of the airline that has contributed to its fast growth and popularity with a large customer base. There are about 150 destinations that the airline caters to. The company has aircrafts of the latest generation to ensure unparalleled service and smooth flights to and from the different destinations it caters to. The home of Qatar Airways is State of Qatar, where the airline services or operates out of Hamad International airport located in Doha.

The airline provides flexible travel routes and destinations as well as travel packages to customers. With a breadth and length that is an expansion of its flight network one will find Qatar Airways being their reliable travel companion all the way. The airline started in 1997 and since then the airlines has earned several accolades and awards. It is rated five stars for its reliable and excellent service and reputation that it has earned over time. The airline has been rated as Airline of the year for many years like 2012, 2015 as well as 2017 as per several categories. A business that employs 46000 professionals, the airways are backed by entrepreneurs like Mr. Akbar Al Baker, the chairman of the Executive Committee who has been responsible to spearhead the growth of the airlines.

Conveniences on Qatar Airways website

The website of this airline offers an informative portal that has every kind of information that one requires. The latest deals that are current, are flashed on the front page of the portal. For instance, if there is a discount currently available on business class fares, one will find a quick link to this deal as well as be able to book one’s trip easily through this website. If there are certain flights being suspended due to operational difficulties, such information is flashed on the main page of the portal.

Ease of booking

If you are looking to book or manage your bookings on Qatar Airways, the website offers you convenient ways to do so. There is a booking panel that opens up on the front page of the website. You can book through this window by seeking out flight options as per your time and date or period of travel. For those who register an account on the website can save their booking details. They can check the status of their flight on this window as well as make changes as desired.  At the time of booking one will also get to check flight deals on this site.

Holiday packages and fares

Besides checking fares and flight deals to avail of on this website you will find popular destination fares as well. That makes it easy to browse the different international destinations that the airways flies to; these are showcased on the front page of the website which ensure that members and visitors to the site can quickly find top and popular destinations that they are looking for.

Visas and destination travel

When you are traveling to an overseas destination where you need to get entry visas as well, this website will come to your aid. Qatar Airways provides visa assistance for destinations that offer convenient entry visas to travelers. As a result all you need to do is find the link to visa inquiries or simply get assisted with customer care on such matters through the website. The airlines also add on new destinations and flight routes that are advertised on the website. If you wish to know or stay informed, having become a member of the website will come of use. You would be invited to check out the fares to the new destinations and cities that the airline caters to and might prove useful if you were planning a travel in a similar direction.

Privileged members

For those who sign up to be members of the airline or are part of the Privilege Club, they can avail of special offers. There are attractive discounts given to the members which they can avail of when traveling Business Class or Economy Class.

Booking travel experiences

The Discover section on the Qatar Airways site offers you to explore the different continents where the airline goes to. Not only can you browse the different cities, but also be able to book outdoor, city, family, beach or other kinds of holiday packages. You could gain entry to cities where the airline flies you to and get visa assistance as well as complimentary city tours. Transit visa assistance is a handy feature that you could avail of from Qatar Airways website.  You can easily book for cars for pick up or drop from airports as well as book hotels directly from this website. The site also offers assistance for group bookings as well as corporate travels.

Privilege member assistance and more

For those who wish to know more about Privilege Club, how to sign up for it and what you could get by being a member, all such details are mentioned in a dedicated section on the website. There are several exciting privileges for such members as well as being able to redeem Qmiles and upgrade one’s seat and other such features. The airline knows how to pamper their customers and those who remain loyal to it can expect endless surprises. From specialty cuisines whipped up by chefs in luxury flights to a spa or lounge like travel experiences, there is much to look forward to when one is flying Qatar Airways.

To do more when you fly and be associated with one of the award winning airlines of the Middle East, it is best that one signs up as a member on the website. They can avail of the best deals and fares as well as travel packages and assistance in any way one wishes to. All such aspects and more makes Qatar Airways offer an immersive experience for the customers that do not end simply by booking or taking a flight.